Maximizing Value Of Your Business

If you are looking to sell your business and would like to know how to increase the value of your business and achieve financial freedom, you would benefit greatly from our courses.
Without having a concrete exit strategy and knowing pitfalls and opportunities, you could lose substantially on the valuation you could achieve.
We provide regular training to business owners who are looking for an exit strategy in the next 1-3 years. Our training is focused on how to maximise returns and prepare and execute an exit strategy. Our training courses include:

Beginners Course (free)

This is an ideal course to get started on benefits of a having an exit strategy and enhancing the value of your business by multiples 2, 3, 5 or even more. This course provides an outline of how to set your exit strategy and achieving significant returns and financial freedom.

Business Growth Pro

This short intense course will give you in depth knowledge of significantly enhancing the value of your business. It includes:
- The fundamentals of how to take stock of where your business is currently, how to value your business
- Set an exit strategy with a much higher valuation for your business than where it is now
- Step plan on how to enhance the value of your business
- Step plan on how to deal with buyers, qualifying buyers, the legal process, NDA and most importantly, how to negotiate to get the highest price.
- Access to our library of legal documents, sale and purchase agreements, NDA

Mastermind Program

This 12 month Mastermind course has all you need to help enhance the value of your business including:
- Taking stock of your business as it is, get a valuation and then setting a road map for your exit strategy.
- Dig deep into implementation, reporting and monitoring with focus on getting higher financial rewards for you.
- Regular progress meetings to help you keep on track
- Advice from our business specialists on how to look at different areas within your business to maximise the profitability, brand, customer and staff loyalty and ultimately how to increase the sale value of your business.
- Inside knowledge on exactly what buyers are looking for at acquisition opportunities and how to tick each box on their checklist.
- Advice from our industry experts including lawyers and tax advisers to ensure you have the right legal and tax structure in place
- Advice you how to respond to any potential offers to buy your business
- How to negotiate to drive the price up
- Access to our library of legal documents, contracts and NDAs.
If you are serious about selling your business and to significantly enhance the sale value and achieve financial freedom, our Mastermind program is best suited to help you get there.

Contact us today through our contact page to book your training course and check availability.